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The Story ..

Our philosophy is simple, best ingredient and passionate chefs who get to express their talent in cooking, bring the best result. Good sushi is simple, but not easy by any means. We know the secret and now you can experience it in your favourite neighbourhood. 

On top of sushi we also prepare other delicacies, such as  udon noodels, dimsums, teppanyaki  and also PIZZA!!! Thats right also PIZZA in a sushi restaurant. It came to our menu when we took over this location which was a  pizzeria till 2014. So if you’re not into sushi we’ve got you covered. 

We want to bring a heartwarming experience to you eating out either at lunch or dinner. With our friendly personnel that are ready to fill your mouth with delicious tastes, while bringing a smile to your face. 

With us you get fresh food, with premium ingredients and our goal is to share our passion for food with everyone in and around Heist op den berg 

Whenever you feel like experiencing the greatest sushi this town has to offer, you know where to come.



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